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Police Car Parking 3D

4.4 ( 4864 ratings )
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Geliştirici: Clutter Media LTD

Running after the most wanted criminal in your police car is one thing you need to do as a police officer. As a police officer it’s your job to chase down those wanted criminals over the cities highways and to make them pay for their crimes. But at the end of the day you need to park your police car at the police station and end your shift. As you will notice in this wonderful 3D parking game, is that parking your car can be tricky and hard to do. Especially if you need to drive your police car through special designed levels and parking challenges that will push you till the limit of your patience.
But you are no rookie cop in this 3D parking game, and we are sure you will successfully complete every mission and show the world you are the guru of the parking lot. Sometimes drive slow is better than letting your need for speed getting the better of you. So don’t rush you’re car trough the other parked vehicles and keep in mind that ever hit means you need to start all over again.
In this 3D police car parking game you can experience what it takes to be a cop behind the wheel in a cop car. Have fun and enjoy this newest parking simulator game. Enjoy the different 3D levels and be smart in driving through these parking missions.
3D Parking game Features:
- Real life war parking situations, parking your car in the city is easy after this
- Extremely exciting parking missions get three stars and be the parking king.
- Realistic Controls, brake ,gas ,steering change your view and see from the inside what the best way is for every parking challenge we throw at you!
- Great dynamic gameplay, bumping your car against another and you’re done be careful in driving fast keep your need for speed under control
- Extreme precision driving simulator, small tight turns you need to get your best driving skills out to clear each mission!
- Park according the arrow, first take a look at the space and then work your parking magic!
- Tik, tok, tik, tok every mission is a race against the clock, hurry up and park in time
We hope you will enjoy this parking game and drive safely. Please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page or follow us on twitter!.
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